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Various authors share about experiencing God's wonderful presence by knowing Jesus Christ personally through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Articles from various authors designed to assist you in enjoying and experiencing the presence of the living God.

The Holy Spirit's Role in Evangelism, by Brian Trenhaile.  This article discussing the Great Commision and discusses various ways that the Holy Spirit practically assists the church in carrying out it's divine mandate.

Discovering and Developing Leadership in Others, by Brian Trenhaile.  This piece describes how to develop church leaders.  Evangelism is emphasized in this process and the result is explosive growth through small groups.

Discovering and Developing the Leader Within, by Brian Trenhaile.  Scripture are given to show that it was always God's intent is for all Christians to be leaders.  Recommended personal development traits and tapping into available resources are also discussed.

Experiencing God Personally, by Brian Trenhaile.  This article uniquely describes how to recieve a wonderful new life which God offers to all who will believe Him for it.

Our Purpose, by Brian Trenhaile.  Our purpose, both individually and collectively, is to be in fellowship with God.  Our purpose also includes reaching out to others so that they too can be in fellowship with God.

Expectation - the Key to Believing God, by Peter Wade.  Subsections: Examples of Expectation, You Have a Sure Foundation, Expectation Demands Action, Thank the Father for the Results

Freedom Through Jesus’ Lordship, by Brian Trenhaile.  It is actually a liberating and wonderful thing to make Jesus Christ your Lord, see why in this short article.

God’s Greatest Desire, by Brian Trenhaile.  His desire is for us to live in constant relationship with Him.  One of the many illustrations of this concept is in the symbolizing of the Wilderness Tabernacle.

Blood Covenant Righteousness, by Brian Trenhaile.  This describes how Grace Righteousness or Faith Righteousness is ours as a result of a blood covenant that Jesus Christ made with God the Father on our behalf.

Power Through Weakness, by Brian Trenhaile.  This article could easily be entitled "Hidden Power Within."  In I and II Corinthians, the Apostle Paul explains how to receive God’s power when feeling weak, unable or inadequate.  Paul received God’s power to meet all his needs.

Colossians 1:12 Bible Verse with Orange Orchids from Kaneohe Hawaii

I Am with you, by Brian Trenhaile.  Often before God gives someone an assignment He says to them I Am with you. This pattern is seen in both the Old and New Testaments. He did this with Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Solomon, Mary, Paul and others. It is interesting to see what great things happened when they took God at His word and stepped out in the direction that He gave them.

Daniel God's Global Witness, by Brian Trenhaile.  Daniel's youth started off in great distress, yet he rose above his meager circumstances to become one of the greatest men who ever lived.

John the Beloved Apostle, by Brian Trenhaile.  This is a very interesting character study of Jesus' closest friend.

Messianic Prophecies, As They Relate to Us Today, by Brian Trenhaile.  This is a fascinating study describes prophecies amazingly fulfilled during Jesus first advent.

God's Covenants Regarding Seeking Him, by Brian Trenhaile.  This short message describes how God promises to communicate with those who are seeking Him.